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It is amazing when institutions make an effort to spread free flow of information. I was really excited when I found out Stanford was offering full CS courses, both video lectures and assignments, free for anyone to enroll in. I was, however, unable to find a comprehensive list of all courses being offered. I poked around Stanford’s website a bit and assembled this list:

Computer Science:
Machine Learning, Andrew Ng
Computer Science 101, Nick Parlante
Software Engineering for Software as a Service, Armando Fox and David Patterson
Human-Computer Interaction, Scott Klemmer
Natural Language Processing, Chris Manning and Dan Jurafsky
Game Theory, Matthew Jackson and Yoav Shoham
Probabilistic Graphical Models, Daphne Koller
Cryptography, Dan Boneh
Design and Analysis of Algorithms I, Tim Roughgarden

The Lean Launchpad, Steve Blank
Technology Entrepreneurship, Chuck Eesley

Anatomy, Sakti Srivastava

Civil Engineering:
Making Green Buildings, Martin Fischer

Electrical Engineering:
Information Theory, Tsachy Weissman

Let me know if I left anything out. I hope you find something you like!



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