Want to learn a thing or two about programming, right here, right now?

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Don’t be lazy. It will take 10 minutes and, in fact, its fun. At the very least, it will make you seem pretty darn smart. Just click the first link:


You should only be reading this if you finished the try ruby tutorial. If you did not, click ^ lazy bum.

Computer Science Education Week is coming to a close. The premise of the week is to spread a little information about CS to people who may not have heard of it, or understand what it is. Understanding the core principles and trying a project out for yourself can sharpen your thought process and give you new perspectives in problem solving, productivity, and organization. There doesn’t need to be a special week to spread the knowledge, but since we have one, this is a great time to share some sites that make it easy to get a free sample. (Don’t act like you’ve never been to Costco and done unspeakable things to your tummy). Soon enough you’ll be doing this (note: type to understand)


In Browser Coding Based:


Trybloc is free and provides an awesome introduction to programming using ruby through the style of learn by doing. With Trybloc you learn to code by writing code in the browser.


Course Listing:

Code School

They are the people who brought you tryruby and as you may or may not have noticed, they also let you code in browser. There are a few courses provided for free, however most of the content can be aquired either through monthly subscription or individual course purchases. The individual courses are pretty pricey, so if you are serious about learning some web development I suggest the monthly subscription ($25/mo). Code school is my personal favorite. They get my dollars every month.

Check out their free course: Rails For Zombies


Course Listing:


ScreenCast Based:

Tutsplus Network

Tutsplus provides courses, screen casts, and written tutorials. They have a large selection of tutorials available for free spanning everything from web development and design to Photoshop effects to audio production. Tutsplus is an AWESOME resource. The full courses are a new feature, and require paid subscription.

Check out their free course: 30 Days To Learn HTML and CSS

Course Listing:


Treehouse teaching web development and design through videos and quizzes. The Treehouse website is very pretty, which bears significance for a website that teaches design. I haven’t yet tried any of their course offering; I’ll let them speak for themselves:




Try to share this with someone who doesn’t know what computer science is or someone scared of computers! Writing a little code is empowering and encourages them to get the most out of their machine.

If you want to learn more and really get the fundamentals down, I suggest checking out the head first books series: http://amzn.to/shjivG

Is there anything awesome for beginners that I left out? What is your favorite resource?

Thanks for reading,



8 thoughts on “Want to learn a thing or two about programming, right here, right now?

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  3. Great list of resources. I added it on my blog. That is the biggest thing that I love about the Ruby community; there are sooo many resources out there and individuals willing to help out. Great article!!

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